Clay Life and Portrait Modelling (Untutored)

Clay Life and Portrait Modelling (Untutored)

Modelling the nude in clay:

Join our friendly group for all of or part of our 10-week term.

We provide three male or female life models during the term. Each model holds a pose for three consecutive weeks producing either Portrait or Life studies.  A final ‘finishing off’ week is available should you need to touch up and finish your pieces.

Some experience of clay modelling or sculpture is required for this course as there will be no teaching as such. Karin Ort will however facilitate a critique once a day.

Winter/Spring 2016 half-term dates from 6th January – 10th February and – 24th February – 16th March. CLICK HERE FOR ALL TERM DATES


A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the human figure in its ideal form is fundamental to relating to, and interpreting, our perception of the world. 

                                                    Marvin Humphrey

The price for this course is £210 for the 10 week term. Additional costs do apply for clay and firing.

Day fees available on request

There will be extra charges for clay and firing, which are variable depending on size of work you wish to produce.  Tea, coffee and biscuits are included.

Do call Karin to chat through any queries you may have: 07890 161305.

Please complete the booking form on this page to reserve your space. 

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