We made hay while the sun did shine and managed to safely run a number of courses from August to early September as we had the luxery of being able to move the classes outside under marquees.

However as the prospect of a second wave looms, we have taken the tough decision to close the studio for the rest of 2020. We are so sorry for all the disappointment this will no doubt cause. The safety of our students is number one priority. Having weighed up the facts, we feel that running courses indoors during the winter months puts an overwhelming amount of responsibility on our shoulders to ensure everyone stays safe and one that we cannot take on with a clean conscience.

We will be developing various options to get you all being creative from your homes. More info to follow in the next two weeks.

In the mean time, if there are any courses you would be interested in attending then do email to get on the waiting lists if the course is fully booked courses or to be one of the first to know when we announce the new dates.

Made a booking already?

I am sincerely hoping that those students who have booked a place on the course will be happy to defer their course bookings for a later date as opposed to asking for a refund. We are happy to issue full refunds if necesary and will also do so if you cannot attend the reaarranged date.

We normally host a wonderful range of creative courses when there’s not a pandemic on including…

Weekday Term-time Classes

Short Courses

Long Courses

James also works with Creative Communities & Young Artists

You can also buy clay off us and we can fire your work in our kiln, just ask!

There are lots of options if you need to stay somewhere locally overnight.

Oh and you can also purchase Phoenix Studio Gift Vouchers for your loved ones too!

Our cancellation policy should you need it.

Long Courses (3+ days)

Please note:
1 /2 Dec = Course fully booked

Textile Animal Sculpture with Barbara Franc

POSTPONED TO 24-27th August

Abstract Stone Carving Course with Mark Stonestreet

11 -13 August SOLD OUT

Mosaic Summer with Roz Wates

3-7 August SOLD OUT

Short Courses (1-2 days)

Please note:
(WD) = Weekday Course
1 /2 Dec = Course fully booked

Cyanotype Techniques with Liam Biswell 

15/16 August

Wire & Mixed Media with James Ort

1/2 August

(WD) 19/20 October

12/13 December

Freestyle Stitching (Stitched Portraits) with Harriet Riddell

3/4 October

We have a proposed date of 5/6 December in the diary. Email me ( if you would be keen to attend then and the date will be finalised nearer the time when the covid-19 situation is clearer.

Reduction Linocutting with Alexandra Buckle 

(WD) 21/22 October  Fully Booked

We have a proposed date of 7/8 Novemeber in the diary. Email me ( if you would be keen to attend then and the date will be finalised nearer the time when the covid-19 situation is clearer.

Screen Printing with Liam Biswell

(WD) 15-16 April POSTPONED – date TBC

14-15 NovemberSOLD OUT

Clay Animals with James Ort & Alison Pink

(WD) 17/18 August SOLD OUT

(WD) 20/21 August SOLD OUT

(WD)1/2 September SOLD OUT (NB only James teaching)

12/13 September SOLD OUT

Mosaics with Roz Wates

26/27 September

21/22 November

Underglazing Sessions with James Ort

Various dates – TBC

Contemporary landscapes with Hester Berry

28/29 November SOLD OUT

Covid-19 update:  It breaks our hearts to say that we do not feel it is safe run the 2 day courses listed below in the current year:

We have discussed it at length with all our tutors who agree that courses that have life models or require the use of many shared tools or materials cannot be run safely given the nature of the pandemic and the size of the Phoenix Studio. We will be looking to reschedule them for 2021 and recommend that you email James ( if there are any courses you would like to attend – he can add you to the waiting list and contact you directly when the dates are set. This will more likely guarantee you get a space on the course as many are already largely full, having been largely fully booked and then rescheduled).


Movement, Music & the Model (Creative Life Drawing) with Bella Franks

6/7 June POSTPONED until 2021

7/8 November POSTPONED until 2021

Clay Portrait Weekend with Karin Ort

28/29 March SOLD OUT AND POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

17/18 October SOLD OUT AND POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Clay Life Weekends with Karin Ort

18/19 April SOLD OUT AND POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

5/6 December POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Automata – Mechanical Art Workshops with Stephen Guy

13/14 June SOLD OUT, THEN POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

10/11 October POSTPONED TO 2021 – date TBC

Costumed Life Drawing with J’Adore La Vie & Jake Spicer

19/20 September POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Jake Spicer’s Life Drawing Clinics

Improving Proportion – (WD) 8 May POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Weight & Volume – (WD) 18 September POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Life Drawing: Shape & Structure with Jake Spicer

15/16 February SOLD OUT

Portrait Drawing: Shape & Structure with Jake Spicer

9/10 May SOLD OUT, THEN POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Life Drawing with Sally Fisher

(WD) 20 March POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

(WD) 24 April POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Raku Firing with Eddie Kent

3/4/5 July POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

11/12/13 September POSTPONED TO 2021 (date TBC)

Weekday Term-time Classes

Covid-19 update: We will be looking to resume our midweek term sessions as soon as we deem it safe to do.

We have three 10-week terms a year, here are the dates for the 2020 terms.

Creative Communities

School-based Workshops

James works with a few schools, charities and community groups every year. He has a great track record of putting on fun, creative and visually striking art projects together, creating bespoke workshops to fit your timetables & topics.

Creative Young Artists

Being a big kid at heart, James relates well to children.  He is passionate about his work and his enthusiasm is infectious.

James does run occassional private & group tuition for young artists.