Card Collagraph with Scarlett Rebecca, 21 March

Thanks for the interest in this course! 

We’re positive you’ll enjoy taking part in it!

More information about what Scarlett’s courses entail are on the previous page in case you missed them!

This courses costs £75/student

which includes your printmaking starter pack, a tutorial video, two zoom sessions and tuition*

*The starter packs contain most of the things needed for the course. You will need to source a few extra bits and bobs, most of which you will have around the house.

Unless you have a roller or carving tools at home, you will need to buy your own. These can range from around £3 to £30. The good news is that Scarlett has negotiated a discount code which you can use for and will recommend which are best based on your budget!

For Card Collagraph you will need the following items:

These come in your printmaking starter packs:

  • 2 x A5 mountboard
  • Varnish pot
  • Ink pot
  • Printmaking paper x 5
  • Cartridge paper x 10
  • Tissue
  • Newsprint
  • Greaseproof

You will need to source the following materials:

  • Scalpel & blades
  • Roller
  • Palette knife*
  • Low odour white spirit or veg oil
  • Rags/newspaper/kitchen towel
  • PVA*
  • Paintbrush
  • A3 sheet acetate*


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