Mosaic Weekend with Rosalind Wates – 29th/30th May 2021

Mosaic Weekend with Rosalind Wates - 29th/30th May 2021

Piece together your creativity tile by tile with renowned mosaic artist, Rosalind Wates.

Mosaics are an ancient artform with a long history. Roz’s work is inspired by the natural world and she also loves to pass on her passion on to others! 

These immersive courses are suitable for all abilities. Students can be taught how to design and work on their own mosaics or improve on skills they already have. With a broad range of tiles to use, the possibilities for creating lovely mosaics are endless. 

Roz will show you the classic mosaic styles giving students a thorough grounding in skills and techniques. The emphasis of the course is on individual creativity – it’s fun, creative, absorbing, and sociable!



Introduction, followed by tile cutting lesson; then discussion and design of individual projects.

Get projects under way, with advice and additional skills added as required.


Continuation of projects, with advice and skills taught as needed, followed by grouting and completion of mosaics.

This fun weekend course includes:

  • Informal, relaxed & attentive guidance for every student, provided by Roz Wates
  • Step-by-step demonstrations covering…
  • How to plan your design so it is ready for mosaicing
  • How to cut your tiles to the shapes you want
  • How to fix the tiles in place
  • How to grout and finish your piece

Suitable for?

Anyone regardless of experience – we generally limit the age to 16 years old+ though.

What is included in the price?

  • Two full days tuition by Roz Wates (10am-4pm-ish)
  • Tea, coffee & biscuits (regular students often bring cake!)
  • Use of a beautiful, purpose built art studio with all the equipment & tools you will need
  • Beautiful countryside setting

Additional costs:

  • Unless you bring your own materials, you will need to purchase some of your materials for the course
  • They tend to be between £10 and £35 depending on what you make.
  • Payment for any materials can be made at the close of the course.

 This course is for you if:

  • You want to explore your creativity but lack the confidence to do so on your own
  • You want to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a fun, creative environment
  • You want to try mosaics but don’t have the tools or materials to do so
  • You’re a wannabe Roman!

Pre course prep

Before you attend the course it is a good idea to have in mind what you would like to make.  This will save you valuable time that could be better put towards creating!

Need accommodation?

If you are travelling from further afield and would like to stay in the area for your visit then have a look at our recommend B&Bs and hotels.  Click here for the list.

Beyond The Course

Having completed a Phoenix Studio weekend many of our students choose to explore the medium further. They may come on another weekend course, start coming to our Creative Monday Sessions, evening sessions or carry on independently at home. We are more than happy to help and advise you in taking those first creative steps!

£180 for the whole course including your tuition, tools and equipment

NB small additional charges will apply depending on materials you use


To book please contact Rosalind Wates by email or call  01844 274417.


Rosalind Wates

Roz is an experienced mosaicist, renowned for her public art projects up and down the UK.

She works in a variety of styles and materials, mainly to commission: her clients have ranged from film stars and billionaires to public bodies and local communities. Although versed in traditional mosaic techniques, she constantly explores the creative possibilities of the medium to produce new work. As well as producing mosaics, Rosalind also teaches and has carried out TV and radio work. Her book, The Mosaic Decorator’s Sourcebook, has been translated into several languages and is sold worldwide.

Brought up in the English Lake District, Roz studied at the Decorative Arts in London before specialising in the art of mosaic. She’s heavily influenced by the natural world and the work of her uncle, the late artist Patrick Heron. Brought up surrounded by his abstract expressionist paintings, colour has always played an important role in her work.

I’ve loved my career in mosaic making, and it’s a great pleasure to pass on the joy of it to other people. One of the good things about mosaicing is that it’s so accessible to beginners, and at the same time provides endless adventure and challenge for experienced mosaicists. I’m a great believer in providing a thorough grounding in basic mosaic skills: armed with these, students can go on to tackle just about anything they want to. It’s brilliant to see what amazing, unique, and beautiful mosaics students create!

Rosalind Wates – Course Tutor

Roz gets wonderful feedback from the people who attend her courses.  Here are just a couple of testimonials:

Doing mosaics without Roz now would be almost inconceivable. The combination of the Studio, its surroundings, fellow mosaicists, and Roz, has an extraordinary dynamism. Attending a course at the Phoenix Studio is to have a somewhat Zen like experience; and what drives each individual is the subtle and often humorous way which Roz supports and enhances the desire to make interesting and beautiful mosaics. For its regulars and frequent attendees, the mosaic courses have become a family, with newcomers feeling instantly at home; where ‘cake o’clock’ and lunch are the focal points of the day, before the click of nippers at work resumes. If you’re thinking to try a mosaic course, I’d say “don’t hesitate!”

Sonja Drexler

Mosaicing is a fascinating past-time and Roz provides not only an excellent introduction to the age-old skill but also encouragement and development for those who’ve been making mosaics for longer. Add to that the delightful and creative environment on offer at Phoenix Studios and a splendid weekend is guaranteed. Thoroughly recommended!


£180 for the whole course including your tuition, tools and equipment

NB small additional charges will apply depending on materials you use


To book please contact Rosalind Wates by email or call  01844 274417.

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