Phoenix Art Club Zoom Sessions!

Lois’s online sessions to make your art in and ensure you make yourself creatively accountable during these online times!

For more than 2 years I have been putting on a weekly zoom studio session for some of our regular students. The concept is simple – we log in and we create from our respective homes whilst having each other on in the background.

We have a natter, a laugh and share beautiful moments of shared silence. We offer encouragement and critique when asked for and most importantly we create art!

What’s also just as important is that we make ourselves ACCOUNTABLE. On THAT day, at THAT time, we will be creating!

For the past few months now Lois has been running these sessions owing to my very busy calendar. I come along to the sessions, schedule permitting, as much as I can to answer questions and be a useful tool for you to use on your creative journeys. We now run the sessions on every 1st and 3rd week of the month allowing for more time to work on personal projects. Lois is very creative and brings a great energy to the team. The current students have taken her under their wing and really enjoy her sessions.

These zoom sessions are a wonderful thing to be a part of. They are a highlight of our week and we would like to spread that joy to others. 

What is the purpose of the sessions?:

  • To encourage us to be creative
  • They are about coming together and connecting with fellow artists
  • Having a fun time and offering a bit of escapism from ‘you know what’
  • To make help ourselves accountable and to prioritise our art

When are the sessions?:

  • Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month between 10am and 12.30pm

What can you do on these sessions?:

  • Anything arty – sculpting, drawing, painting, printmaking, stitching, mosaics, anything really!

What these sessions are not:

  • These sessions are NOT formal tutored classes
  • Whilst I am happy to offer a bit of advice, provide some pointers and give a critique on what you are working on, you are ultimately in control of what you do and how you do it!*
  • *Whilst I am predominantly a sculptor, I like to think that my ten years at the studio has given me a good overall knowledge of most artistic practises. I’m no expert but generally think I will have something positive to contribute!

Session formats:

The session will last for 2 ½ hours in length and will most likely run like this:

  • You’ll log in and meet everyone else who is attending the session,
  • We’ll briefly tell each other who we are and what we’ll be working on that day,
  • We’ll then get to work on with our artwork, maybe with some chatter, maybe with everyone on mute or maybe a bit if both,
  • After an hour we’ll have a virtual cup of tea and those who want a critique or to see what other people are doing can meet in a breakout room
  • We’ll then go back to the main group and carry on working
  • An hour or so later and before the end of the session we will have a final (optional) show and tell.
  • If you want, you can also make it known what you hope to have achieved by next week’s session


  • These sessions are all about encouragement, mutual support and kindness towards your fellow artists.
  • If you’re partaking in a particularly noisy activity we ask that you mute yourself whilst it is happening, just to reduce background noise for others.

The sessions take place every 1st and 3rd Tuesday morning of the month. Lois will host these sessions..

Monthly subscription only cost £16 per student!

There will be a maximum of 12 students per session.

Email James ( if you would like to attend.

We will send you bank details for you to make a payment and the zoom link.