Online Printmaking With Scarlett Rebecca

Having been teaching printmaking for 10 years, Scarlett Rebecca is an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to transferring pigment to paper! And now she is inviting you to come explore your choice of 3 different printmaking techniques with her, all from the comfort of your own home.

During these times of lockdown, we all need activities that keep us motivated, buoyant and offer a bit of escapism from what is happening out there – exploring your creativity is just such an activity and it’s open to us all, regardless of your experience.

Finding a meaningful, nurturing network of creative people to work alongside can be difficult, especially at times like this. Being motivated enough to create at home can be even tougher. We need connection and we need accountability!

 And that is exactly what Scarlett can provide. She has put together some wonderful printmaking sessions that use the best aspects of modern-day technology to bring the intimacy of a real-life course to the bubble-like lives we found ourselves inhabiting now.


  1. Decide which technique you want to try and sign up.
  2. Receive your very own printmaking pack in the post!
  3. In the week before the scheduled zoom class
    • watch Scarlett’s superb online tutorial video
    • gather any remaining materials you may need
    • start exploring the technique
  4. Meet for an intimate 3-hour tutored zoom session to explore the technique together, all the time guided and supported by Scarlett.
  5. Around two weeks later, meet with fellow students on zoom for a follow up group critique/show and tell session.
  6. Following on from this there is no reason why students should not continue to meet online under their own volition, or they could join Scarlett or James on one of their online art club sessions.


(if you can’t decide on one then sign up for all three!)

1. Kitchen lithography

Kitchen lithography is a non-toxic variation of traditional stone lithography, utilitsing materials you can find in your kitchen. We will draw with chocolate and crayons and etch our drawing to the plate with cola.
The lithographic process translates the drawn mark incredibly faithfully and allows for a huge amount of subtlety in the mark making, so if you like drawing then this is the course for you. You can get immediate results which is perfect if you like to create spontaneous marks and quick-fire sketches.
The alluminium foil is a perfect drawing surface because it’s cheap. This means you can feel uninhibited when drawing on it because if it goes wrong you can just tear it off and start again.
Kitchen lithography was invented in 2011 by French artist Emilion.


Course dates:

Sunday 21st February
Sign up for either a morning (10am-1pm) or afternoon (3pm – 6pm) class.
1 hour critique session Tuesday 9th March (7-8pm) on which both am/pm groups attend.

2. Card Collagraph

Card Collagraph is perfect for you if you enjoy the bold marks and crisp lines of relief prints but you want to add some delicacy and tonality to your images.
For this course we will use mountboard as our matrix and we will exploit the layered nature of board to create tonal variation in our prints.
Card collagraph is a wonderfully hands-on haptic process which connects you to the surface you’re working on. We carve away our boards, scratch, peel and indent the surface to create a sculptural matrix. From an unassuming card matrix bold and impactful prints can be produced with tonal ranges and delicate line work.
Card collagraph does not require specialist tools, you only need a sharp blade and a vision!


Course date:

Sunday 21st March
Sign up for either a morning (10am-1pm) or afternoon (3pm – 6pm) class.
1 hour critique session Tuesday 6th April (7-8pm) on which both am/pm groups attend.

3. Mokulito

Mokulito was developed in the 1970s as a non-toxic variation of lithography, combining the qualities of woodcut with the delicate and spontaneous mark making of lithography.
We will draw on to our prepared plywood surface using greasy drawing materials to produce tonal images. We will also employ some woodcut carving to bring light areas into our prints and further develop the image. The beautiful grain of the wood remains ever present to give a mid-tone to our prints.
Mokulito is a wonderful coming together of the relief and planographic printmaking families.
It is the perfect process if you love both drawing and carving, and you don’t want to choose between the two. You can have the best of both worlds combined in to one!  You can combine fluid brush marks and fast sketches with the crisp lines of wood cut.

Course date:

Sunday 25th April
Sign up for either a morning (10am-1pm) or afternoon (3pm – 6pm) class.
1 hour critique session Tuesday 11th May (7-8pm) on which both am/pm groups attend.

Each courses costs £75/student

which includes your printmaking starter pack, a tutorial video, two zoom sessions and tuition*

*The starter packs contain most of the things needed for the course. You will need to source a few extra bits and bobs, most of which you will have around the house.

Unless you have a roller or carving tools at home, you will need to buy your own. These can range from around £3 to £30. The good news is that Scarlett has negotiated a discount code which you can use for and will recommend which are best based on your budget!


This fun online course includes:

  • The delivery of your own printmaking pack, lovingly hand packed, assembled and posted to your door
  • A detailed video tutorial to watch in the week before the zoom session which provides:
    • An introduction to the printmaking process and it’s print family with reference to historical and contemporary artists’ work.
    • Step by step instructions for the specific printmaking technique you’ll be exploring
    • With detailed explanation of registration, plate making, press use & hand burnishing, paper handling and how develop your prints further.
  • A prearranged 3 hour zoom workshop for you and your fellow students to practise what you have learnt, ask questions, and share your prints with each other, overseen and tutored by Scarlett
  • Informal, relaxed & attentive guidance for every student on the zoom session.
  • A follow up zoom group critique/show and tell session around two weeks after the zoom demo, led by Scarlett. A chance to share with your fellow students what you have created and get feedback from Scarlett and the group.

Suitable for?

Anyone 16+ and over, regardless of experience. Aimed for Beginner – Intermediate level.

What is included in the price?

  • You will receive your very own printmaking starter pack in the post shortly after booking your place*, it will include most of the materials you will need for the session (*For postage outside of the UK there is an additional charge that will need to be paid straight to Scarlett, totalling £7.50 subject due to changes caused by Brexit).
  • Links to a superbly crafted tutorial video created by Scarlett
  • You will be sent a link to the tutorial video one week before the zoom workshop and you will have access to it for 1 month from this time
  • A discount code for additional printmaking supplies you may need from
  • A 3-hour tutored zoom workshop and a follow up 1-hour critique session

What is not included in the price?

  • The starter packs contain most of the things needed for the course but you will need to source a few extra bits and bobs, most of which you will have around the house.
  • The specifics for each course are listed on the course booking pages above.
  • Unless you have a roller or carving tools at home, you will need to buy your own. These can range from around £3 to £30. The good news is that Scarlett has negotiated a discount code which you can use for and will recommend which are best based on your budget!

This course is for you if:

  • You want to explore your creativity but lack the confidence to do so on your own
  • You want a bit of creative escapism – away from the stresses and worries of pandemics and lockdowns
  • You want to connect with a creative community and share the joy of safely creating alongside others
  • You want to delve into a creative medium that can handle the wild thoughts of your imagination!
  • You want to experiment in a medium that is accessible and cheap to pursue at home, at your own leisure – this could be your new life’s passion!
  • You have been dreaming for years about making pieces of art to go on your walls

Number of students

Each course is limited to just 8 students to ensure that each student gets enough of the tutor’s time

What should you make?

  • Anything that inspires you really!
  • Scarlett will provide tips and advice about what types of images work well for the specific printmaking technique

Pre zoom session prep

  • Make sure you have all the tools and materials you will need. You will be receive a list having booked.
  • Watch the tutorial the week before the Sunday zoom session
  • Work out what images you would like to work from
  • Start exploring the technique before the zoom session if you have the time, though this is not essential

Beyond The Course

Scarlett will be running various different workshops like this throughout the year. You will be able to try at least three different printmaking techniques if you desire. She may also set up regular online art clubs so you can share further printmaking adventures with fellow creatives!

When it is safe to do so, we hope to resume putting on our broad range of creative courses in real life, from here at the Phoenix Studio. James is running weekly art club sessions too.


Scarlett Rebecca

Scarlett has been teaching printmaking for over 10 years. After a serendipitous shuffle of job roles at Brighton University Scarlett was introduced to lithography 5 years ago and fell in love immediately. She now has two stone lithographic presses and nearly 20 stones! Scarlett works between her studios in Brighton and North Wales, teaching printmaking and producing intricately patterned portraits in relief print and lithography.

Scarlett gets wonderful feedback from the artists who attend her courses.  Here just one example:

I started Scarlett’s course with a bare minimum of experience in printmaking techniques, and ended with a firm grounding across a range of ways of working. Scarlett’s relaxed teaching style and extensive skills made for a rich and enjoyable experience, and the combination of videos demonstrating techniques and printing together as a small group over Zoom worked really well. I believe there was enough to challenge even students with prior experience, for example in considering how techniques might be combined. I think this course is amazing value for money and brings the possibility of engaging in printmaking safely at home without the need for expensive equipment. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Debbie Brown

(Planographic Printmaking at Home – online course October 2020)