The Wild Beasts at Claydon

The Phoenix Studio’s James Ort am taking part in my first two man show at the end of May. The Wild Beasts at Claydon is a special exhibition featuring the artwork of painter Tom Shepherd and James’ sculpture. Two young(ish!) artists who love to creatively capture the vibrancy and character of the animal kingdom.

James Ort, manages the Phoenix Studio, has been sculpting for almost 10 years. He likes to work in both wire and clay, combining the two contrasting mediums in various ways. For this show James has been exploring how wire and ceramics can be used together in varying proportions – the two materials do not always play nicely together, but if you treat them right and understand their properties, the results can be stunning.

Tom Shepherd is a professional artist and tutors. Working in oils, acrylics and watercolours, he will be exhibiting his new watercolour studies in the show! “I am really happy to be exhibiting alongside James. Despite us each working in different media, our artwork compliments each other’s really well. We both use a lot of colour in our work, so the exhibition will be a vibrant bombardment on your senses”.

The exhibition is happening at the love Courtyard Art Studio run by Kimberley and Peter Keegan which is located on the Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire.

‘I am delighted to be exhibiting at The Courtyard Art Studio’ says James. ‘Peter and Kim Keegan run the Courtyard Art Studios and I like to think of them as my friendly rivals! We run neighbouring art schools but there has never been a competitive edge to our friendship. When they invited me to come show at their lovely venue, I jumped at the chance!’

It runs from Saturday 25 May, across the bank holiday weekend and through to Wednesday 5 June, 11am – 5pm daily (closed Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May).

Free entry, free on site parking and The Phoenix Kitchen just across the courtyard.