Clay Play @ Home!

These are strange, unsettling times we find ourselves in… With so much uncertainty in the world, it is understandable why so many of us are feeling anxious or stressed. 

Finding activities that keep you grounded and focused on the present is so important for our mental well-being.

Painting, playing an instrument, cooking, sewing or drawing can all offer you some immersive escapism from the world outside. You also get an amazing sense of achievement – something you don’t really get from plugging yourself into the TV (even if you have mastered how to use the remote control!).

The activity on the top of our list of rewarding activities is to play with clay! It’s tactile, engaging and so unbelievably rewarding.

The minute I put my hands on some clay, I can literally feel my stresses slip away from me. What better way to feel grounded than touching something that comes from the ground!

You can safely come visit the Studio to purchase clay from us and then deliver whatever you make to be fired in our kilns.

Prices vary depending on what clay you purchase and what you have fired.

A decent starter bag of clay typically costs between £14-16.

We charge for firings based on the pieces weight after firing (at a rate of £2/lb).

Please note, we can offer general advice and tips, but at present we are not offering any tuition.

There is a wealth of online tutorials though which we can point you in the direction to.

We are often at the studio during these times of covid. Please contact the James via email ( or, better still, by calling 07765 980508 to arrange a time to collect your clay.

Please bring cash with you to pay for your bag.