Improve your artist’s eye – Friday mornings December 4th & 11th

Improve your artist's eye - Friday mornings December 4th  & 11th

Gain greater clarity, improved eye health and a deeper understanding of your vision, with this very fun, enjoyable and relaxing method!

Charlotte Schuman is passionate about your eyes. She teaches the Bates Method, which helps people to improve their vision and see more clearly without glasses and other interventions.

The Bates Method was developed by Dr W H Bates over 100 years ago and has been proven to show remarkable results. This natural method is effective but has been overlooked by the mainstream, so few people have heard of it. Charlotte is here to change all that! These taster sessions will give you an introductory overview into the method.

  • With simple and enjoyable techniques, you can learn how to see more clearly at any distance.
  • Enhance your depth perception
  • Relieve eye strain and dry eyes
  • Improve your observation skills
  • Improve eye health
  • Speed recovery from operations
  • Assist with healing of any underlying conditions

Find out more about Charlotte and the method go to or

charlotteschumanThe Bates Method was a revelation for me. It gave me back my good vision, my freedom from glasses and my belief in my own ability to help and heal myself…I now have many years’ experience of teaching all age groups, from young children to octogenarians, and I am able to help with a broad spectrum of visual challenges.

The price for the two morning sessions is £50.

Please contact Charlotte to book.

It’s important to come to both sessions but if you can only come to one, the price would be £25.

Suitable for?

Anyone who is interested in maintaining or improving their eye health. This course is for artists but non-artists are welcome too!

What is included in the price?

  • Two mornings teaching (10-11.30am)
  • A questionnaire will be sent out in advance and the taster sessions will be tailored to address your particular eye issues
  • Demonstration and practise of enjoyable techniques and exercises for improving your vision
  • Course information and handouts, including the materials you’ll need to make your own props at home
  • Refreshments

This course is especially for you if:

  • You are an artist who has experienced eye strain or dry eyes
  • You wear glasses – or think you might need to!
  • You make detailed art work that demands a lot of close attention
  • You find that a day in the studio leaves your eyes feeling tired and sore
  • You spend your days making art and your evenings at the computer
  • You find that your eyes take a long time to adjust focus eg when looking at your canvas and then at the model

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