Raku Firing with Eddie Kent – 26/27/28 July

Join Eddie Kent at the Phoenix Studio for a smoulderingly fun day (or two or three if you’d like) of Raku glazing and firing!  

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned potter, there is so much delight to be had from Raku. 

The traditional Japanese firing method of Raku is part skill, part mysterious creative process. During the process, ceramic sculptures or vessels are first ‘bisque fired’ and then glazed. The next step is firing to a temperature of around 900-1000 degrees C. Once the glazes have melted and have taken on the look of a hot toffee-apple, the fired Raku piece is removed from the hot kiln and put directly into sawdust or allowed to cool in the open air. By controlling the amount of air that interacts with the glaze, you can create a unique and striking finishes.

Eddie says:

Work should be bisque fired and ready to glaze. If you do not have bisque ware I always have a selection of my thrown pots bisque fired and ready to purchase at a reasonable price. The Phoenix Studio can also fire your work for you for a fee.

The day starts with a friendly intro with a health & safety talk over a coffee/tea. For the novices I will then explain what it’s all about before I get you glazing, more advice and tips are given as we go. Once we have work ready I will get the kilns going and we can start the really fun part – the firing! Your involvement is entirely up to you – you can get stuck in or watch! We try to end on time but it depends on the amount of work and how we get on with glazing and the number of students.

Prices listed below & include tuition, glazes, firings as well as refreshments.

  • £85/ for 1 day

  • £150 for 2 days

  • £200 for 3 days

  • PLEASE NOTE – To ensure that all students get the best out of the day, it may not be possible to all the work you bring. If you are wanting to have large or a high volumes of work fired please let Eddie know so that special arrangements can be made, this will be subject to additional charges. Alternatively it maybe easier and more beneficial to book a ‘one to one’ session.

“Happiness through chance” Raku is my true passion.

Eddie says: I just love the drama of the firing and the mystery surrounding the use of flame and smoke to decorate my work. It seems so organic and unpredictable and I love the challenge of trying to harness the reactions to create stunning art.

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