The Call of the Wild (Shamanic Animal Course), 6th & 7th August

The Call of the Wild (Shamanic Animal Course), 6th & 7th August

Have you ever felt the call of the wild? Is there a part of you that longs to explore? Do you yearn to do something a little less ordinary, something that says “to hell with this routine”? Is your inner life aching for energy, colour, animation?

This two-day workshop will deepen your connection to your creative soul and bring you the personal power you seek in your life right now – through free flowing art, guided meditations, shamanic journeys and heart-driven creativity!

You’ll engage in:

  • Meditations to help you relax and quieten the thinking mind
  • Expressive painting sessions – play with colour
  • Guided journeys to explore your intuition and imagination
  • Visualisation – shaping and creating your power animal in clay
  • A return visit to the studio on another day to glaze your amazing creation
  • (it will need collecting after it’s second and last firing)

By the end of the weekend:

  • You’ll feel alive and inspired, ready to make bold moves towards the life you seek
  • You’ll have boosted your personal power
  • You’ll feel more confident

£175 for the whole weekend - all materials included.

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW – Simply email Rachel Constable ( to say that you want to come on the course, she will email you back with how to pay. 

Full payments must be made in advance of the course.



DAY 1: 

9.30 – Arrival, tea/coffee, meet Rae, Seah, James and your fellow creators.

10am – Sage smudging & welcome meditation – to set the sacred space and ask for blessings from spirit and guides.

Introduction – outline the course & housekeeping & timetable. Set intentions for the group & two days.

Shamanic journey with Seah

Break for lunch – bring your own – and wander in the meadow

Afternoon session – free expressive painting/drawing with Rae – to loosen up and feel that creative fire!

Mid-afternoon break

Afternoon session with Seah followed by journal time

Begin to picture/draw/collage your animal spirit in your own way

Meditation circle and reflections to end the day.

DAY 2:

9.30 – Assemble and smudging ceremony followed by meditation to relax and welcome your creative self

Then create your power animal portrait head in clay, with guidance and support from James, Seah and Rae.

James has developed a great technique that is easy, fun and expressive, and it’s ideal for beginners or experienced makers alike. You’ll be making a seated or reclining animal that speaks (or growls, grunts, squeaks, squawks or tweets!) to you.

There will be a break for lunch and time to wander in the meadow.

Afternoon clay making and shaping

Meditation circle and reflections to end the day

We’ll aim to finish at 5pm but you should allow for a little over-run.

Suitable for?

Anyone regardless of experience – we generally limit the age to 14 years old+ though.

What is included in the price?

  • Two full days of guiance and support (10am-4pm-ish)
  • Drawing and painting materials
  • Clay, firings and glazes*
  • The return glazing session (17th & 19th September)
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits/cakes
  • Use of a beautiful, purpose built art studio with all the equipment & materials you will need
  • Beautiful, tranquil countryside setting
*the tutor reserves the right to add a surcharge if the artist chooses to work much larger than is typical for the course

This course is for you if:

  • Your heart desires change.
  • You feel as if you’re on autopilot – how did you get here?
  • You wonder – is there more to life than this? (YES!)
  • You hear the call of your wild, creative soul – the part of you that wants to explore – and are ready to listen
  • You’ve never made anything in your life but long to have a go. You always liked art but you *think* you’re not very good at it
  • Maybe you’ve been an artist for a while – and it’s fine, but you want to stretch yourself and find new inspiration. Do it *wrong*, make a mess, try a different way
  • You want to have fun, get out of the box, find freedom and play!
  • You look after family and friends and need to recharge your energy – it’s time to nurture your hungry heart.
  • You want to try something new. With people who understand.

Pre course prep

Preparation prior to arrival:

Please bring the following items with you:

  • Journal
  • Pencil & paper
  • Blindfold or scarf to cover eyes
  • Blanket
  • Small pillow or cushion

About Shamanic Journeys:

Everyday life: Time is short and the to-do list is long. It feels good to tick things off the list and feel you have achieved something. As fast as you tick things off, new tasks mount up – but hey, that’s life – busy, busy, busy! We compare ourselves to others and beat ourselves up if we can’t do things as well. We fret about things that have happened and worry about the unpredictable future. If we are successful, we worry about losing everything. Failure is awful.

This frame of mind is perfectly normal, everyone feels that way, right? Happy? I think so – got too much on to think about it. Joy? I’m busy just now, but I’ll get to it when I’ve just….

Shamanic journeying uses the rhythmic pattern of the drum to get you beyond the busy-ness of the mind and help you enter the relaxed, dream-like state of your non-ordinary reality. You will be taught how to do a sacred journey to meet new parts of your personal power and bring them back in order to help integrate more of your strengths gifts and talents into your life right now.

The “practices” & what to expect:

  • Radical self-acceptance
  • Freedom of expression
  • Loving supportive space of no judgement
  • Absolute freedom and encouragement

Return Glazing Session

Your creations from the week will need to be dried & bisque fired before they can be glazed.  This means that you will need to return at another time to glaze your work.  I will be running glazing sessions on the 17th & 18th September.  Please put them in your diary – you may need one or two days to glaze four pieces depending on how fast you work.  Email James to book your slot too! (

£175 for the whole weekend - all materials included.

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW – Simply email Rachel Constable ( to say that you want to come on the course, she will email you back with how to pay. 

Full payments must be made in advance of the course.


 Seah Wraye

Seah was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in a household that celebrated the arts, freedom and individuality. Always drawn to the unusual, Seah was an observant and sensitive child – a wise head on young shoulders – who would spend many hours talking to her nanny about spiritual matters. Later she married, had three beautiful children and ran a successful business, all the while finding that people often sought her innate wisdom and guidance.
Seah trained to become a Unitive Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master and now leads many Shamanic groups. She continues to develop her soul-self connection through daily channelling, shamanic practice, and meditation. Seah works to bring healing and clarity for others, especially those who are in doubt and pain, and maybe unsure of their next step.
Seah helps people express themselves, and create the changes they desire in life, so that they can feel happier, more confident and fulfilled.

Here’s a link to her website.

Rae Constable

Rae makes natural art – paintings, sculptures and installations – often working intuitively and in the moment, using whatever materials are to hand. For many years she has studied the connection between the arts and the psyche, and has run art groups and workshops that combine meditation and expressive painting, for example, drawing or weaving. Put simply, people who express themselves creatively are happier, more energetic, and enjoy life more than those who don’t.

“You could say that our lives are works of art – we arrange this, we tweak that, we centre ourselves in a landscape of our own devising, a drama we are directing. It’s easy to get caught up in this picture, this concept of ourselves as individuals, to whom things should or shouldn’t happen. But beyond our small self there’s a wider realm to explore.
“It’s an unlikely and incredible chance that we are alive on a beautiful blue green planet so right for life, so diverse in its expression, and we have a fleeting glimpse of it, a brief lifetime in which to wonder. It’s a wild ride. What are you waiting for?”

If you are travelling from further afield and would like to stay in the area over the weekend, we can recommend local hotels and B&Bs – here you go!

£175 for the whole weekend - all materials included.

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW – Simply email Rachel Constable ( to say that you want to come on the course, she will email you back with how to pay. 

Full payments must be made in advance of the course.

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