Previous Hester Berry Demonstrations

Hester’s Berry’s online zoom demos were a lockdown hit. She painted landscapes, I talked nonsense and asked her questions written down by the audience. As well as being popular, they were also great fun to record, so much so that we now have 20 recorded demos in the archives.

That’s getting on for over 60 hours of Hester painting her epic landscapes and generously sharing her creative practise and insights with us. The great thing is that you can access them too!

For each demo, Hester painted a scene from start to finish. As she paints she talks in great detail about her practise, her influences and the artists she admires – multi tasking at its best essentially! All of these demos are available for you to watch, learn from and enjoy.

Scroll down to see which landscapes are available for purchase. Once you have decided what you want, you simply email to let us know which demonstration you’d like to purchase.

We will let you know our bank details and send the video on receipt of payment.

Payments preferably made by BACS transfer. Paypal is fine if you are based outside of the UK.


The new pricing applies to new and existing customers.

1 demo – £18

2 demos – £34

3 demos – £50

4 demos – £67

5 demos – £80

6+ demos – £16 each

Please remember, any videos you purchase are for your eyes only. Please do not share any recordings with anyone else.
Hester is extremely generous in sharing how she does what she does with us and it is only fair they she gets fair remuneration for her efforts. This is even more important given that these are very difficult times for artists, especially with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

If you know anyone who would like to watch Hester create her masterpieces please ask them to visit the Phoenix Studio website, contact either myself
( or Hester ( Many thanks in advance.

1 Seascape Demo

(NB not as good quality as our later demos but still very watchable!)

2 Street Scene Demo

3 Frosty Field Demo

4 Treescape Demo

5 Snowscape Demo

6 Carpark Demo

7 Buildings in the Landscape Demo

8 Reflections

9 Beachscape Demo

10 Country Lane Demo

11 Beach at Sunset

12 Coastal Path

13 Bluebell Walk

14 Quiet River

15 Total Folly

16 Festival Vibes

17 Windswept Wales

18 Waterfall Scene

19 Cathedral Scene

20 Bavarian Forest Lake

21 Frozen River