Contemporary Reflection Zoom Demo with Hester Berry, 5th March

Contemporary Reflection Zoom Demo with Hester Berry, 5th March

In these tough times, why not take some time for reflection! Allow Hester Berry to show you how to capture mirror-like reflections upon the water’s surface.
So grab your paint brush, and pull up a chair and sit back and relax, as Hester takes us on another of her magical journey’s.

I really find Hester Berry’s painting quite mystifying. She creates stunning landscapes that capture a moment in time beautifully. Standing slightly back from her paintings you feel like you are in the landscape – you can feel the warmth of the sun, movement of the clouds, the stirring of the leaves. Take a step closer though and the painting is ‘just’ a small number of beautifully executed brushstrokes.

Being able to deconstruct a landscape, distill it down and then reassemble on the canvas with seemingly effortless style is artistic alchemy my brain struggles to comprehend!

Hester was due to be coming to run a course with us at the end of the last year. That’s obviously didn’t happen. Instead, Hester kindly offered to run a zoom demo session for us. It was a hit so we’ve done a few more to meet the demand!

£16 for the two and a half hour demo


Complete the booking form (top right of your screen, or scroll down if you’re on a mobile).


Zoom Demo Format:

Hester will give a two and a half hour demo, including:

A brief introuction to her journey as an artist.

She will then start a painting, explaining how she does it as she goes.

Questions are absolutely welcomed and encouraged throughout (otherwise it’s very quiet!)

Once she has finished her piece, there will be more time for questions at the end.

  • People are welcome to just watch, or you could even paint alongside (more info on this below).

This session includes:

  • Informal, relaxed demo by Hester Berry
  • Covering the key steps taken to create a contemporary landscape painting
  • The option to paint alongside Hester as she demos. A list of the materials you will need are listed below in a seperate box.
  • We will email you the image she intends to work from so you can print it off and look at/work from it at as she works.
  • Hester cannot give feedback on anyone’s own work while she is painting or even towards the end of the zoom, but if you email her your work she’d be happy to give you a couple of lines of feedback and things to consider for yoour next painting!

Suitable for?

  • Anyone who is interested in knowing how artists do what they do!

What is included in the price?

    • Two and a half hour demo
    • If you choose to create yourself during the demo then Hester will provide a few lines of critique after zoom session via email at a later date

Optional extra:

The session will be recorded by us and can be bought for an additional £6. You can then replay the session as many times as you want!

Please note – Any purchased recordings are for you, the purchaser, only. We do ask that you do not share these with anyone else. These are very difficult times for artists, especially those reliant on income through teaching. We hope that everyone will understand why this is the case.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to demystify the art of creating or just behold an artist at work
  • You want to learn how to create landscapes or ‘loosen up’ in your creative approach
  • You want to explore your creativity but lack the knowledge to do so on your own
  • You want to get away from it all and immerse yourself in a fun, creative environment
  • You want a bit of escapism from the pandemic and covid blues.
  • You want a create kickstart and are needing a bit of inspiration!

Beyond The Demo

Once we are beyond the mess of the pandemic, we will reschedule Hester’s debut for actually teaching from the Phoenix Studio in real life!

If you wanted to paint while Hester does,

then she said these materials would be a good start: 

  • Oil paints
    • French ultramarine, burnt sienna, titanium white, a warm yellow (cadmium deep hue, but if not, any yellow), yellow ochre, Prussian/cobalt/pthalo blue, viridian, sap green /terra verte, a red (crimson maybe) Any additional colours will would be useful, but these are pretty essential. Windsor and Newton is good and reliable.
  • Turps/Zest-it, linseed/poppy oil
    • Hester doesn’t think brand matters, but Zest-it is a good – it’s dilutant and brush cleaner.
    • She suggests poppyseed oil, but linseed is good too.
  • Palettes
    • Hester just uses a cupboard door, any scrap of smooth wood, or perspex or glass, or a plate!
  • Easels
  • Primed boards or oil paper
    • Ampersand smooth primed artists panel is good, 8 x8″ or 9 X 12 ” or artists oil paper (A4 should be fine for 2.5 hours. I like to prepare mine a few days beforehand with a neutral warm brown ground (burnt sienna and ochre) diluted with a little turps or zest it)
  • Brushes and palette knives
    • A range of brushes, including some flat ones. Hester use a 3/4 inch chisel brush.

Ultimately go with what you’ve got or can get your hands on though. It’s the having a go that counts!

£16 for the two and a half hour demo


Complete the booking form (top right of your screen, or scroll down if you’re on a mobile).


Hester Berry

Hester’s practise is rooted in traditional representation and methods, but she constantly challenges her understanding of ‘painting’ and explores her technique to capture the intricacies of the landscape.

She studied at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth and went on to do a Masters in Wimbledon. In recent years she has returned to her native Devon where she lives, works and raises her family.

Hester’s previous demonstrations:

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