Life Drawing & Live Music, 21st February

Life Drawing & Live Music, 21st February

Zoom-based life drawing has become a popular past time during times of lockdown– it even says so in the newspapers! It is absorbing, fun, meditative, and a great way to feel a part of a creative community. Artist Bella Franks runs online sessions that are somewhat unique – they are accompanied by live music!

Beautiful soundscapes fill your ears as you capture the human form on the paper. When I joined one of her immersive sessions it felt like I was having an out-of-body experience! The music is composed and played by the gifted Joe Harvery White, using a Pedal Steel from his studio.  Honestly, I could practically hear the muse’s sweet heavenly voice in my ear, encouraging me to draw as I have never drawn before! It really is a fabulous way to spend the evening!

Prior to the pandemic, Bella ran unique life drawing events from people’s living rooms, studios, members clubs & offices for private groups. Her extensive list of clients includes Soho House, Facebook, Papier, Propercorn, Innocent Drinks, to name a few. She was actually meant to be running a course with us at the studio last summer but sadly we have had to postpone due to you know what.

£8 per person per session

include model fees and live music


Complete the booking form (top right of your screen, or scroll down if you’re on a mobile).

Please note: We will share the Zoom ID and passcode 1 hour before the start of the class, so at 6.30 pm on Sunday 21st.

This fun session includes:

  • A relaxed & inspiring online setting for you to explore your creativity
  • An experienced life model to draw, accompanied by Joe Harvery White’s lovely music
  • There will be quick 3 minute poses to begin and then mixed length poses between 10-30 minutes.

Suitable for?

Anyone regardless of experience.

We generally limit the age to 14 years old+ though exceptions can be made where appropriate. Please contact James Orts and ask.

You will need:

  • Something to make a mark or draw with and something to draw on
  • For example charcoal, a pencil, a pen, paints, paper, a note book, the back of cornflake packet or pizza box.
  • Feel free to email Bella if you’d like more direction with this.
  • We suggest using headphones to hear the music most clearly.

Don’t have any drawing stuff?

Bella can provide life drawing class art packs at £15 per person (including p&p) – get in touch with Bella to order one at least 1 week before the class. They include:

  • eco A4 sketchbook,
  • x2 pencils (2B & 6B),
  • eraser,
  • sharpener,
  • graphite stick,
  • and fine liner.

Zoom Link:

Please note: We will share the Zoom ID and passcode 1 hour before the start of the class, so at 6.30 pm on Sunday 21st.

This session is for you if:

  • You have always wanted to experience a life drawing class
  • You hope to become more familiar with the life drawing practise
  • You want to explore your creativity but lack the confidence or inspiration to do so on your own
  • You want to become fully immersed in a creative environment – through music & art
  • You want to be a better artists. For and artist, life drawing is what exercise is for the athlete. Whether you sculpt, paint, work in the abstract, do printmaking or any other mediums, doing life drawing regularly WILL improve your art!


Bella Franks

Artist Bella lives a vibrant and enlightened existence – full of energy and enthusiasm for all things creative.
For the last 8 years she has run pop-up art classes with her business ‘Bella’s Bits & Bobs’ – bringing life drawing to venues around London, Brighton, Greece and New York. Bella’s classes offer a unique experience for people to find themselves at the drawing board with a glass of wine (or tea!) in one hand and a stick of charcoal in the other. Bella’s encouragement helps her students to feel relaxed and comfortable and ready to take on the challenge of drawing the human form.
Bella is also a yoga teacher so combines her art teaching with yoga on weekend and week long retreats – focusing on ‘The Art of the Body’.  Bella believes that practising art helps to cultivate a healthy mind, while a regular yoga practice cultivates a healthy body.
I am forever inspired by the human form and love the opportunity to encourage students to become inspired too.
The Phoenix Studio is my absolute favourite studio and I can’t wait to bring my art, yoga & music to such a special place!

Bella Franks – Course Tutor

Bella gets wonderful feedback from the people who attend her courses.  Here are just a couple of testimonials:

I have been attending Bella’s classes since 2014. Bella has a real passion for life-drawing which she shares with her students creating an encouraging, comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Beginners are given the support they need to feel relaxed in the environment. Bella puts together beautiful playlists of music which compliment the drawing completely, and I cannot recommend her classes highly enough for a fully immersive, unique experience.

Bella’s yoga classes are an equally special experience. As a beginner I find them extremely welcoming, not in the least intimidating and her focus on breathing ensures you finish feeling calm and relaxed.

Flavia, Art Teacher 

Bella has introduced me to life drawing. I’m a total art novice and have found it a way to relax and engage in a meditative practice. My normal port of call is sport, sport, sport however Bella’s teaching has encouraged me and brought a new activity to my life. I look forward to more drawing. 

Tomas Coulter

Bella Franks – artist and creative soul. Bella’s classes combine a relaxed, inclusive, fun vibe with music and of course her artistic talents which she shares with you in abundance.  Bella’s style of teaching is encouraging and supportive, and can adapt to the absolute beginner or more experienced artists, and across artistic mediums.  Importantly, her classes are delivered with an unassuming and extremely fun air about herself, which sets the perfect scene to channel your inner Picasso!  Bella is a rare soul in this hectic world that we live in, and her classes are everything as brilliant as she is.

Mike Pickett

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