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We are really looking forward to you coming to create with us.

Below is course specific information on how to prepare for your time with us – please take the time to read the document(s) and do the ‘homework’ where applicable!

You need to prepare for some of our courses more than others. The universal truth is that the better your preparation, the more you will enjoy your time at the studio and the better your creations will be.

If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to contact James or your course tutor.

We hope you won’t have to cancel your booking but in the unfortunate event of you needing to please refer to our cancellation policy or keep scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Your safety and enjoyment of the course are main priorities when you are visiting the studio. Please make sure you have read Our Covid-19 Strategy in advance and prepare accordingly. That way we can focus on your creations in safety and without distraction! 

Animated Life Drawing with Aaron Jacob Jones

Etching with Liam Biswell

Clay Animal Courses with James Ort

Free style stitching with Harriet Riddell

Jake Spicer’s Drawing Classes

Wire & Mixed Media Sculpture Courses with James Ort

Clay Life Modelling with Karin Ort

Clay Portrait Modelling with Karin Ort

Screen Printing with Liam Biswell

Cyanotype Techniques with Liam Biswell

Movement, Music & the Model with Bella Franks

Automata – Mechanical Art Workshop with Stephen Guy

Abstract Stone Carving Course with Mark Stonestreet

Textile Animal Sculpture with Barbara Franc

Reduction Linocutting with Alexandra Buckle

Contemporary landscapes with Hester Berry

Our Cancellation Policy:

We always do our best to reimburse people if they need to postpone or cancel their booking. If in the rare event that we cannot find anyone to take your place then the following applies should you need to cancel:

Two or more months before the course date:

We offer an almost full reimbursal (minus paypal transaction fees – around 5% of course fee – if you booked through the website plus a small administrative fee).

Less than two months before the course date:

We can offer a 50% reimbursal (minus paypal transaction fees – around 5% of course fee – if you booked through the website and a small administrative fee).

Less than two weeks before the course date:

If in the unlikely event that we or the student cannot find someone to sub in for them, we are unfortunately not able to offer any reimbursal within this time. We may however be able to offer someone else the slot for a greatly reduced price in which case you may still eligible for a partial reimbursal (typically 50% of course fee).

To sum up – we do our best to accommodate students who are unable to attend as best we can!