Wild Art Workshop with Rachel Constable and friends 28-31 July 10am-4pm

Wild Art Workshop with Rachel Constable and friends     28-31 July 10am-4pm

Come and make some wild art with us at the Phoenix Studio.

Over the course of four days, we will explore the wilder side of art making. Every day will start with a gentle meditation before getting into the wild art zone, and each day a different activity will lead you into creative exploration.

We’ll begin with a shamanic journey and make a vision journal to record the sketches, thoughts and ideas that occur during the week. Other activities during the week include intuitive painting, wild weaving with willow and grasses and making fantastic ceramic creatures. Take a breath, step out of your usual routines and to-do lists and let yourself wallow in wild art!

You don’t have to be an ‘artist’. You just need to be someone who wants to get back in touch with your expressive, creative and intuitive side. And if you are an artist of any kind – painter, writer, musician, sculptor, anything – then our sessions can help to free the flow of ideas and inspiration.

Thus course is for everyone who wants to slow down a little, relax a little, ask a few questions and play a lot. You don’t have to have any special skills or experience. You just need to be curious, questioning and ready to explore.

Fabulous day…

with you and your wonderful friends.
I would like to say again the whole experience was perfect in every way. You planned beautiful meditations and fun painting sessions. I think the yurt is magical.
Congratulations on a successful day…and can’t wait for the next one.”        Jenny

Well done on your lovely art session.
It was really successful don’t you think and everyone was so absorbed and delighted with their work. You radiate calmness as well so it was meditative as well as creative. Thank you.        Julie

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